Zero Sum Game by SL HuangI’m the author of the Russell’s Attic series, contemporary science fiction thrillers about a mercenary heroine whose superpower is doing math really, really fast.  Three books are out so far: Zero Sum Game, Half Life,  and Root of Unity. The fourth book, Plastic Smile, is written and in editing, and I’m about 1/3 of the way through writing the fifth book, Golden Mean.

There are also two short stories in the Russell’s Attic universe, released in 2015: “Rio Adopts a Puppy” and “Ladies’ Day Out.”  Both can be purchased from retailers but are also free to mailing list subscribers.

I write other things, too!  Check out my short fiction page for more.

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If you like novels better or want action-y fast-paced SFF, I recommend starting with Zero Sum Game.  If you prefer quieter or idea-based SFF, check out my short stories.