Support Aaron’s Law

Those of you who have been following my blog posts about Aaron Swartz, please consider going to Demand Progress’s website and expressing your support for Aaron’s Law.  They have it set up so you can send a letter to your lawmakers with one click.

Here’s what Aaron’s Law would do:

  1. You know those license agreements you always click the “I agree” box next to on every piece of software ever?  Right now if you accidentally break one of those, it’s a felony.  The proposed law would decriminalize such violations; instead those agreements would be treated as contracts, with any disagreements handled in civil court (as they should be).
  2. There’s also a request to the Oversight Committee to open an investigation into possible prosecutorial misconduct in the Aaron Swartz case.

Demand Progress has a lot more detail on both these points, and it only takes a few seconds to register support for this law.  Please consider doing so!

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