The Pills in the Bottle Go 2 By 2 . . .

I’m very bad at keeping track of things.  I’ve been having to take an antibiotic for the past week, and instead of doing the smart, efficient thing and using one of those pill holders with the days of the week on it, I find myself having to figure out every morning and every night whether I’ve taken my dosage or not.

I do this by counting out the remaining medication mod 2.  Since I started with a night dose, before I take it in the morning, I should get an odd parity, and before I take it at night, I should get an even parity.  If I don’t, it means that I already took the dose and forgot.

The fact that I do this is probably less weird than the fact that I use the words “mod 2” and “parity” in my thoughts while I’m at it.