I’m Crossposted to Racialicious!

My post, Why is the “Normal Television Family” Always White?  has been crossposted to Racialicious today (with my enthusiastic permission, of course!).  I’ll be stopping in periodically to join the discussion.

Oh!  I should mention in the same vein that I’ve also been made a contributor at Ars Marginal, which looks at arts and entertainment from outside the straight-white-cis-male-etc narrative.  I’ll be posting some original content there, but I’ll link to it here when I do.

I’m very excited about both!  And humbled—I often feel like I’m in a constant state of learning to Fail Better with regard to *-isms myself.  But for me, a large part of that work in progress is speaking up and ranting and obsessing about it . . . and I know for a fact that sharing my journey regarding institutional *-isms has already helped make the people close to me more thoughtful about such things, as well.  So I’m very, very honored to start being a small part of raising public consciousness in the wider world.

Happy Election Day to everyone in the U.S.!