First of all, Why is the “Normal Television Family” Always White?  has been crossposted again, this time to Racialicious’s sister site, Love Isn’t Enough.

At Ars Marginal, I also have a new post up: 10 Reasons Martha Jones Is Awesome.

A few more post-election links:

Why Did the Republicans Win the House?  It turns out that, well, they didn’t, in the sense that Democratic congressional candidates got more total votes than Republican candidates did, but more Republican candidates won because of gerrymandered districts.  Food for thought, no matter which party you favor.

Barack Obama’s Super PACs spent $1.78 per vote.  Mitt Romney’s spent $6.23 per vote.  This is nothing compared to Shelley Berkley’s PACs and affiliates, who spent a whopping $32.91 per vote in the Nevada Senate race . . . but she still lost narrowly to Republican Dean Heller, at a price of $18.32 per vote.

Science / Culture / Fascinating:

Via Not Exactly Rocket Science:

Autism researchers study how different cultural norms impact autism diagnosis.  For instance, lack of eye contact is considered an early indicator of not hitting an important social milestone in the West, but in South Africa it’s considered respectful.

It turns out Britain has invaded 90 percent of all countries in the world.

James Watson looks back on Rosalind Franklin’s contribution to the discovery of DNA, and his unfair characterizations of her in his book The Double Helix.  On a personal note, in seventh grade, I got a 97 on an Honors Biology exam because I listed only Watson and Crick as the discoverers of DNA and didn’t include Franklin’s name.  Not only do I fully endorse my teacher docking me for that, but I’ve become fascinated with Franklin’s contributions to science and what she had to fight through in society to make them.  If you don’t know who she is, read this article and the comments—a lot of very knowledgeable people jump in with other facts about the history (and witty cartoons).

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  1. InMyBook

    Very interesting links. I could read all night here.

    My compliments to your 7th grade Honors Biology teacher.

    Rosalind Franklin was an amazing scientist and died much too young. Incredible what she accomplished in science in such a short time!

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