Short Fiction Recommendation: The House of Aunts, by Zen Cho

The House of Aunts, by Zen Cho, published by Gigantosaurus

Best.  Vampire story.  Ever.

(only general spoilers below)

I am a big fan of the type of story that takes the supernatural and makes it mundane.  I love stories of supernatural beings who have to deal with passing their classes or surviving job interviews.  This story is about a teenage vampire in Malaysia (well, not vampire, really . . . but I recommend that if, like me, you don’t know what a pontianak is, wait to look it up until after you read the story—not knowing made the ending an emotional wham for me).  She goes to class and does her homework and fights with her aunties, and finds being dead extremely, heartbreakingly lonely.  Not to mention boring.  And then she gets a crush on a boy.

Zen Cho’s vampires don’t sparkle, or exude sexuality, or live exotic, glamorous lives.  They live very, very real lives.  They love, they squabble, they cry.  And the bonds between Ah Lee and her aunties are some of the most lovely familial ties I’ve ever read.

Also, if anyone else is sick of the mysterious Tall, Dark, and Handsome male vampire swooping in and sweeping a vulnerable centuries-younger human woman off her feet (how tiresome, Buffy, True Blood, Twilight . . .), this story is a refreshing change up.  Vampire romance done right, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Short Fiction Recommendation: The House of Aunts, by Zen Cho

  1. Nione

    They have a Tall, Blond, and Handsome male somewhere in the mix for that gotta-have love triangle. Don’t just dump on just half the trope, dude. ;-]

    Having something else doesn’t upset the balance of the universe? Here I thought they all did that because it was one of the Laws of Nature . . .

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