Book Giveaway! And Comic Recommendation! In One!

Like comics?  Like free books?

Layla Lawlor, author of the excellent comic Freebird, has released it in book form and is doing a giveaway.  Pop over to that post (or here on LJ or here on DW if you prefer) and recommend her a webcomic.  She’s going to do a drawing from all the people who submit a recommendation to win a copy of Freebird!

And Freebird is SO worth checking out, folks.  If you’re in doubt as to whether you’d like it, most of the strips are online for free, so give it a shake—I did and I couldn’t stop reading (and I’m not big into reading comics, either!). Layla’s blog is also a great read; she posts about writing and wolves in her yard in Alaska and impossible landscapes and other fun stuff.  Go take a look!

And now, let this post double as a recommendation post for Freebird, because I’ve been meaning to recommend it here anyway.  Y’know, I’m just going to go ahead and list a bunch of things I like about the comic (no big spoilers):

  1. Characters who fail entirely at being stereotypes.  Even the ones who appear to start out that way end up being real people.  It’s almost scary.
  2. An older woman as the protagonist.  This is quite cool.  I like heroes who don’t fit into the usual demographics.
  3. The Alaskana!  (Is that a word?)  The comic not only takes place in Alaska, it lives Alaska in a way that is fascinating to someone like me who’s never been there.
  4. Characters who fail so completely in some ways but are still eminently loveable.  It can be hard to write flawed characters without losing the audience, but somehow all of the characters in Freebird manage to be human and still keep us rooting for them.  Or perhaps we root for them because they are so human.
  5. One of these bullet points I’ll stop talking about the characters, but I must also mention how they have all different views (politically, morally, and philosophically they’re all over the map) and all different relationships with each other (some hate each other, some love each other, some tolerate each other, and everything in between) and they’re still all people we like.  Three-dimensionality at its finest.
  6. The comic bops from lighthearted to serious to themes of family to human absurdity.  It made me laugh out loud in some places and also brought the warm fuzzies in others.  Delightful.
  7. Oh, and even the light romance is lovely when it crops up.  Regular readers of this blog know how I feel about romance, so, you know, that’s high praise.

Layla’s book giveaway continues through Wednesday night.  Go give Freebird a read!  And hey, wouldn’t it make a nice Christmas gift for someone?[1]

  1. Or holiday gift.  I think of Christmas as a secular holiday that is a religious occasion for some but not for others; no offense meant when I talk about it.

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  1. slhuang Post author

    It’s okay! I’ll signal boost if she does another one.

    (And you can always buy the book! *g*)

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