Miscellaneous Links of Madness or Awesome

The Cool and the Sciency:

A brine lake under the ocean.  It’s an underwater lake.  A lake!  Under water!

Zombie bacteria.  They’re dead.  But they’re ALIIIIIVE.

Participate in a word association study!  (Only takes a minute or two, and it’s fun!  And it’s for SCIENCE!)  My favorite of my associations was “probability” associated with the word “replacement,” because I’m so used to seeing “with/without replacement” in combinatorics problems.  Also, “crenellations” was one of my top three associations for “fortify.”  Too much fantasy, yo.

Nice, undeniable visual of how effective vaccines are at saving people’s lives.

Mount Doom exploded.

The Humor (Some a Little Sciency):

The Avengers go out for beers and shawarma.  Batman expresses confusion that they don’t sit in a dark basement and brood over their dead parents.

The Oatmeal’s take on being a freelancer.  This is SO TRUE.

Building a jet pack with AK-47’s.  I’ve started making a list of all the AK’s I have access to.

Which Bond villain schemes would actually work in the real world?  You know, economically?

On Equality and Such, Okay, Some of These Are Sciency Too, I JUST LIKE SCIENCE OKAY:

It’s not about Mars and Venus.  The differences we see between men and women might mix up correlation and causality—it could be differences between people with power and people with less power.

On languages in worldbuilding in fiction writing, and how not to do it.  Also, how not to be offensive while doing it.  Fascinating.

On allowing women in media to be any type of character.

On female friendships in fiction and why we need more of them.

A programmer writes on the Ruby conference thing: that this happens because promoting equality through diversity “threatens the whole idea that hackers got where they are because they are super-fucking-smart.”

On Lincoln: Stephen Spielberg chose to make a particular movie.  One without black people being decision-makers in their own emancipation.

Why it sucks to be a woman in the video game industry.  The quoted tweets are institutional sexism in a frickin’ nutshell.

Why grammar doesn’t matter (except that sometimes it does, even when it shouldn’t).  The discussion vis-à-vis race starts about halfway through.

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    Great links. Proceed with caution – fascinating discussions capable of eating up hours of time.

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