Conversation(s) of the Night: Highlights While Watching The Incredible Hulk

Bruce runs into a library . . .

Me: Don’t Hulk out in the library!  You’ll ruin the books!

My friend: You are such a nerd.

Tim Roth fires a bunch of grenades at the Hulk from about ten feet away . . .

Me: Come on, that’s not how impact grenades work!  You need a lot more distance to arm them; they won’t go off at point-blank range.

::I proceed to explain exactly how impact grenades arm to my friend while we make fun of the bad CGI::

Bruce says to Betty, “Remember when we were at Harvard and we participated in those experiments that induced hallucinogens?”

Me: Yes, because it’s so normal for students to participate in studies that induce hallucinogens.

My friend: What are you talking about?  That’s what I did all the time at college.  What kind of college is MIT anyway?

Me: I feel like some writer really wanted to say, “Hey Betty, remember when we dropped acid in college?” but then figured Bruce Banner wouldn’t do that.  Cue “studies that induce hallucinogens.”

Mr. Blue says to Banner, “A person with that much power lurking in him—nothing could have surprised me more than this unassuming man shaking my hand!”

Me: Who talks like that?  That’s not natural dialogue!  “I wasn’t expecting this unassuming man shaking my hand”?  I mean, I know he’s supposed to be a science nerd, but nobody talks that way!

About a minute later, the same character says, “If we overshoot this by even the smallest integer—we’re dealing with concentrations with extraordinary levels of toxicity!”

Me: What?  WHAT?  Overshoot by an INTEGER?  An integer is a discrete quantity!  If you’re trying to express overshooting by the smallest degree, you wouldn’t say “integer!”

::my friend starts laughing::

Me: We’re talking about biochemistry!  Concentrations!  You can have decimal amounts!  You wouldn’t say integer!

My friend: You know how you were saying a minute ago that the guy’s dialogue wasn’t natural?  Uh, nobody talks the way you’re talking right now, either.

Me: But—integer?And earlier, he didn’t balance the centrifuge.

My friend: And this is why my life is The Big Bang Theory.


There was also a lot of mocking about the horrendous CGI, how miscast Edward Norton was (oh, Mark Ruffalo, how we need a Hulk movie starring you), and the general lack of a plot.  Not my favorite MCU movie; we pretty much just watched it so I could round out my Avengers movie canon.

2 thoughts on “Conversation(s) of the Night: Highlights While Watching The Incredible Hulk

  1. Andrew

    The best thing about the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie is that it completely ignored the 2003 Hulk movie.

    And now I’m going to apologize for reminding you taht the 2003 version existed at all: Sorry about that.

  2. slhuang Post author

    Haha! Actually I haven’t seen it. Which I consider a win.

    I wasn’t going to see the Edward Norton one either, but then Marvel went and seduced me with the MCU and I felt like I had to see it. So, good marketing scheme on their part, the whole Avengers thing.

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