An Addendum to Geek’s First Softball Game

Oh! I forgot the best moment (well, for some versions of “best”).  It went down like this:

The captain: “Okay, who’s on what position?”

Me: “Uh, I’m going to be terrible.  Stick me in the outfield somewhere.”

The captain: “Okay, you’re right field.”

The next ten seconds transpires thusly:

A moment of total panic as I realize I don’t know which side “right field” is. 


I realize that in all my research I neglected to look up this very fundamental piece of vocabulary.

I begin wishing I hadn’t left my phone in the car so I could surreptitiously Google it . . .

Then the captain sort of waves at the side of the field behind first base.  Aha!  I grab my glove and jog over to that side.  (And then we get creamed by the ex-pro baseball team.)

So, for those playing at home, “right field” is “right” from the perspective of home plate, not from the perspective of the outfield.  Just for the record.

2 thoughts on “An Addendum to Geek’s First Softball Game

  1. InMyBook

    That is too hilarious! That will teach you to leave your phone in the car…

    Glad to hear you did not get clobbered by a fly ball while standing in right field engrossed in thoughts of optical acceleration cancellation and whether the ball is accelerating upward or downward and how you should adjust your position accordingly… Or maybe you got involved in using trigonometry to calculate the acceleration in the angle between the ball’s position above the ground and home plate?

    When is your next softball game? Hope it is not with an ex-pro team next time. Do try to get a little fielding practice in first. :)

  2. slhuang Post author

    Oh, trust me, I WISH I could use my math ability to inform me how to catch and throw the ball! The sad part is I CAN do all the projectile motion math, I just can’t translate it into good fielding skills . . .

    I’ve had three softball games now, and my team has lost all three, though the other two were closer and we gave them a good fight for it. :)

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