Arrow: Your Failure At Elementary School Science Makes Me Want to Cry

Oh, Arrow.  You’re a superhero story with great action scenes; you had such a low bar for me to like you.  And yet.

I stopped watching Arrow (aka the Privileged White Dude Is Always Right show) once I kicked the typhus—the race!fail and gender!fail were too much—but I’m sick again this week (this time with a bad cold, not typhus, though I feel I already paid my illness dues for the year so NOT FAIR), and I poked my head back into Arrow.  I . . . don’t know why I did this.

(rant below contains a minor spoiler for dialogue from Arrow)

The scene: Oliver and Diggle have obtained a liquid sample of the Crazy Exotic Drug called ‘Vertigo.’  The conversation:

Diggle: “Now what?”

Oliver: “Like you said, we analyze the Vertigo.  It’s in liquid form, which means it contains water, so . . .”

REEEEwind.  What.  WHAT.


Hear this repeated banging?  That is the sound of my head hitting the wall.


Okay, Oliver was a party boy and probably failed as many science classes as he took, so despite all the mysterious skills at technology and modern medicine he somehow gained during his five-year stint being shipwrecked (along with fluent Russian, and fluent Chinese, and super-archery and hand-to-hand and parkour and knife throwing . . .), maybe he doesn’t know BASIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SCIENCE.  But Diggle doesn’t correct him!  Which means the show is de facto endorsing this EXTREME SCIENCE FAIL.  And is disseminating it to the public consciousness UNCHALLENGED.

I weep for humanity.

2 thoughts on “Arrow: Your Failure At Elementary School Science Makes Me Want to Cry

  1. InMyBook

    Sad and embarrassing. How could they let such an error in basis science slide through? Painful as it is, please do not bang your head against the wall. No matter how bored you get when you are ill, it is probably in your best interest to boycott the show. Otherwise it might make you even sicker.

  2. slhuang Post author

    Well, fortunately I’m better now! :)

    And yeah, I’ve stopped watching Arrow. Some parts of it were so entertaining, but in the end it just wasn’t worth the frustration.

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