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In Which I Appear On Other People’s Blogs

I did a “Five Things I Learned” post over at Chuck Wendig’s blog today. Come by and give it a read!

And then this made me want to hide under the blankets . . . Thank you, kk.

Zero Sum Game has been uploaded to retailers and is just waiting for the gears to turn and for the carrier pigeons to lift the bits through the tubes. I’m only saved from refreshing repeatedly as I watch the sand trickle by the fact that I’m working tonight, thank goodness.

It comes!

Linky Linkage! Lots of Amazing Links for You!

This seems like a good time for a linkage post, since most people are still probably off enjoying the holidays.  And if you aren’t busy having holiday cheer somewhere, it will give you some awesome reading material to pass the time!

I unfortunately didn’t think to keep track of where I owe the hat tips for these links, but primary purveyors of awesome include sites like Not Exactly Rocket Science, Slashdot, Racialicious, Bad Astronomy, and Neuroskeptic.

First, the sciency ones!  You knew there would be sciency ones.

Is the Cure for Cancer Inside You? gave me the shakes, because holy crap, it sounds like this could actually lead to a cure for cancer.  Like, for real.  And the personal story of Dr. Steinman’s life and ultimate death from the disease he was researching inside his own body is wrenchingly compelling:

In the long struggle that was to come, Steinman would try anything and everything that might extend his life, but he placed his greatest hope in a field he helped create, one based on discoveries for which he would earn his Nobel Prize. He hoped to reprogram his immune cells to defeat his cancer — to concoct a set of treatments from his body’s own ingredients, which could take over from his chemotherapy and form a customized, dynamic treatment for his disease. These would be as far from off-the-shelf as medicines can get: vaccines designed for the tumor in his gut, made from the products of his plasma, that could only ever work for him.

Steinman would be the only patient in this makeshift trial, but the personalized approach for which he would serve as both visionary and guinea pig has implications for the rest of us. It is known as cancer immunotherapy, and its offshoots have just now begun to make their way into the clinic, and treatments have been approved for tumors of the skin and of the prostate. For his last experiment, conducted with no control group, Steinman would try to make his life into a useful anecdote — a test of how the treatments he assembled might be put to work. “Once he got diagnosed with cancer, he really started talking about changing the paradigm of cancer treatment,” his daughter Alexis says. “That’s all he knew how to do. He knew how to be a scientist.”

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First of all, Why is the “Normal Television Family” Always White?  has been crossposted again, this time to Racialicious’s sister site, Love Isn’t Enough.

At Ars Marginal, I also have a new post up: 10 Reasons Martha Jones Is Awesome.

A few more post-election links:

Why Did the Republicans Win the House?  It turns out that, well, they didn’t, in the sense that Democratic congressional candidates got more total votes than Republican candidates did, but more Republican candidates won because of gerrymandered districts.  Food for thought, no matter which party you favor.

Barack Obama’s Super PACs spent $1.78 per vote.  Mitt Romney’s spent $6.23 per vote.  This is nothing compared to Shelley Berkley’s PACs and affiliates, who spent a whopping $32.91 per vote in the Nevada Senate race . . . but she still lost narrowly to Republican Dean Heller, at a price of $18.32 per vote.

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I’m Crossposted to Racialicious!

My post, Why is the “Normal Television Family” Always White?  has been crossposted to Racialicious today (with my enthusiastic permission, of course!).  I’ll be stopping in periodically to join the discussion.

Oh!  I should mention in the same vein that I’ve also been made a contributor at Ars Marginal, which looks at arts and entertainment from outside the straight-white-cis-male-etc narrative.  I’ll be posting some original content there, but I’ll link to it here when I do.

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