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Short Fiction Recommendation: 925 Grand, by Sam Kepfield

925 Grand, by Sam Kepfield, is a science fiction short story published by Electric Spec about a Secret Service agent who, instead of protecting the president, protects America’s currency—as in, the actual coins and bills and such.  He works in the Secret Service’s counterfeiting division.  It’s way, way Cooler Than It Sounds.

[only general spoilers follow]

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Short Fiction Recommendation: Two Short Stories by Neil James Hudson

The Little Voice, by Neil James Hudson a short story published by Electric Spec

The History Eaters, by Neil James Hudson, a short story published by Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine

Neil James Hudson is apparently one of those authors who has a knack for writing short stories that I devour, spend the next hour obsessing over, and then lament, “I wish I’d thought of that!”

[only spoilers for premise, not plot twists]

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