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2013, a Year In Review

Because everyone else is doing it!  And I’m nothing if not easily swayed.

Of course, when I look back on this year it’s dominated by the shadow of le cancer. Which makes sense.  Even though my diagnosis came in September, I first went in for it in May, and that notwithstanding, the 1/3 of the year from September to December is still a pretty big chunk of year.

(It’s funny; at the end of 2012 I felt the same way about my three-month-long bout with typhus, and thought, “Well, 2013 has to be better!” Don’t ever say that, kids. It’s like saying, “It could be worse” in a horror movie.)

Illness aside, I had a pretty killer year in a lot of ways, particularly in terms of writing. Here’s what I did in 2013:

  • Got my first book edited and through two rounds of beta, and from the feedback I got in the second round, it looks like I won’t need a third. Woohoo! I’m procrastinating on finishing the final tweaks, after which it will go off to my pro editor and then hit an near you. I’m aiming for a pub date somewhere around March.
  • Got the sequel written. The rough draft is a hot mess right now, but it’s THERE.
  • And about 1/3 of the third book is written. Also a hot mess. Also there!
  • Was prolifically active on Absolute Write, and have made some incredible, incredible friends on there, including five (five!!!) people I’ve now met in meatspace, and three people who have sent me marvelous gifts through the Actual Postal Mail (mail!!!). I bug them for their manuscripts, they bug me for mine, and we generally support each others’ writing endeavors and in between make asinine sexual jokes and otherwise have a good time. It’s excellent. I have to say, having a writing community also saved me when I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. In any case, I definitely count this as a writerly win!
  • Joined Twitter, blogged a lot (excepting the past couple months), and generally engaged in the greater SFF community. That also feels pretty great. I’ve met some spectacular writers and reviewers and other SFF peeps whom I have a boatload of respect for, and it makes me quite excited to be publishing into that community. (Yeah, as anyone who’s been around for 2013 knows, there are also some shitty people. But there are so, so many awesome ones.)
  • Beta read six books this year. I’m pretty picky about whom I beta for, so these were all excellent experiences, and everyone was lovely and appreciative. Beta’ing makes my writing better, too, so it’s win-win all around! The breakdown was two speculative fiction, two contemporary thriller, one literary fiction, and one historical fiction.

My writing goals for 2014 are to release my book, start getting the sequels done, and STOP GETTING CANCER ALREADY. Also, get back to blogging. Personally, I think those are all very reasonable!

How did y’all’s years go?