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My Professor Was On The Colbert Report!

Stephen Colbert interviewed Professor Donald Sadoway on Monday:

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Donald Sadoway
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Professor Sadoway taught one of the most popular freshman courses at MIT, 3.091 (three-oh-nine-one), which was sometimes known as “three-oh-nine-fun” instead because of the type of lecturer Sadoway was.  3.091 satisfied MIT’s chemistry requirement, and Sadoway was so famous for making it entertaining that non-chem-majors usually chose it over the other introductory chemistry options (5.111 and 5.112, or “five-eleven-one” and “five-eleven-two”).

I took 3.091 my first semester at MIT and was not disappointed; the class was a blast (and also gave me chemistry from a materials point of view, which I hadn’t had before and was also a factor in why I chose it).

I wish someone at The Colbert Report had gone to MIT and been able to tell Stephen to “Ask him about—!” because Sadoway is famous for, among other quirks:

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