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Someone started a hashtag last week called #coderbooks.  I was late to the party, but once I started doing it I COULDN’T STOP.  Rather than inflict them all on Twitter, I’m collecting my amusements here:

  • The Black Perl Script #coderbooks
  • The Man in the Iron Emacs #coderbooks
  • The Greatest Iteration #coderbooks
  • Henry vi #coderbooks
  • #000000 Beauty #coderbooks
  • Lord of the Files #coderbooks
  • Waiting for Sudo #coderbooks
  • The Secret LIFO of Bees #coderbooks
  • Root #coderbooks
  • Rikki-Tikki-Java #coderbooks
  • The Greps of Wrath #coderbooks
  • The Old Man and the C++ #coderbooks
  • To Kill -9 a Mockingbird #coderbooks

And here are some #codermovies, too!

  • My Big Fat Greek Threading #codermovies
  • Fatal Abstraction #codermovies


Thanks to whoever created the hashtag!

Final Thoughts on the SFWA Thing, and Additional Linkspam

Final Thoughts on the SFWA Thing, in the Form of Other People’s Thoughts

For those who are getting news through my blog, Scalzi apologized in his position as president and editor Jean Rabe resigned.  That’s the latest official news I know of.  While talking about official news, however, I would like to note that SFWA does have an official statement on sexual harassment that was in effect when this article was published.

Jim Hines has a great list of links for those interested, but I shall make particular note of:

Ann Aguirre’s for how much sexism and misogyny are not dead (horrifying);

Mary Robinette Kowal’s for a heartbreaking perspective from someone to whom SFWA means a great deal;

Foz Meadows’ for a breakdown of why the column is so problematic (warning for language);

Laura Resnick, Mike Resnick’s daughter, doesn’t respond to the issue in particular but talks about sexism in SFF;

and Radish Reviews, the wonderful purveyor of the original scans, has a great roundup / summation, including links to the sexist reaction of a former SFWA president and a critique of Scalzi’s apology in the first comment.

Personally, I’m still waiting and seeing.  I want to see what SFWA does to come back from this going forward.

Writing/Publishing/Intellectual Property

Mark Twain’s hilarious, devastating critique of castigation of James Fenimore Cooper’s “Deerslayer.”  Oh, how I hated “Deerslayer;” I love that Twain agrees! Quote: “Now I feel sure, deep down in my heart, that Cooper wrote about the poorest English that exists in our language, and that the English of ‘Deerslayer’ is the very worst that even Cooper ever wrote.”  And people say negative reviews shouldn’t be written with entertainment in mind!

Trademarks.  Fascinating article on what they’re meant to do and how they work, legally.

Tor.com on their experience going DRM-free.  “As it is, we’ve seen no discernible increase in piracy on any of our titles, despite them being DRM-free for nearly a year.”  What!  Shocking! </sarcasm>

Tobias Buckell on why 90 percent of the “knowledge” and advice about self-publishing is crap (with graphs!).


We Have Always Fought: Kameron Hurley brilliantly challenges the long-held ideas about women throughout history.  This is the post that has inspired women all over the net to pop up calling themselves “llamas.”  Highly, highly recommended.

Liz Bourke, one of my favorite people on the entire Internet, wrote a follow-up to an article I had previously linked to (Sophia McDougall’s The Rape of James Bond) that I somehow missed.  She goes into even more depth about the statistics regarding male rape and the strange double standard in fiction that the rape of women is “necessary because REALISM” and the rape of men is . . . nonexistent.  (She has numbers.  Lots and lots of numbers.)

The Hawkeye Initiative succeeds in real life!  A touching story of challenging sexism in the workplace through humor.

Television Writing Staffs Are Still Overwhelmingly White and Male, Surprise!

Hollywood is remaking The Crow, and they want to cast a white guy.  Fucking Hollywood.

What Kind of Asian Are You?  *snerk*  Hilarious video.

The iNotRacist App!  Best.  Satire.  Ever.  (video)

For more satire: Sexual Abuse in the White Community

It’s Time to Retire “Boob Plate” Armor.  Because It Would Kill You.  (Tor.com)

Strong is the New Skinny.  Great article about pushing for healthier aesthetic expectations for women.

Wikipedia’s sexist categorization.

People are racist about a Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial couple.  Every time I decide to have faith in humanity . . .

A former Navy Seal came out as transgender.

Kelly Sue DeConnick on the crap she goes through as a female comics writer.  More of the same, folks.  More of the same.  Still worth a read.


We don’t have a twin primes proof yet, but there’s a new proof that infinitely many pairs of primes come within 70,000,000 numbers of each other.  That’s AWESOME.  Seriously.  We’ve hit finiteness!  And apparently since the publication of the proof a couple months ago, the bound has been reduced to 5 million.  Closer and closer!

If you heard about the poachers who stole 10 percent of an entire tortoise species, here’s a sobering follow-up.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!  Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles (video) and Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man (video)NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!

Stunning graphical representation of why sharks should be more afraid of you than you are of them.

I feel like reading about obscure neurological conditions like this one should not be so fascinating.

Video of someone solving three Rubik’s cubes in six minutes . . . while juggling them.

And a few more links on Star Trek: Into Darkness, because I can:

Some hilarity from io9 that pretty much sums up how I feel about this movie.

All the plotholes and questions the movie failed to address.  Spoiler: There are a lot.

Could Benedict Cumberbatch really crush a skull with his bare hands?

The first Star Trek conventions were female-dominated.  I’m just going to leave this here.

Happy Pi Day!

In celebration of one of our favorite transcendental numbers, today we enjoyed chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese pie (seriously, it exists), and chocolate pie.  Mmmmm!

Pie.  Public domain.

Pi on pie.  Wikimedia commons/ public domain.

Some Halloween Links for You

First, via Slashdot, we have a PLAYABLE game of Tetris carved into a pumpkin:


Yes, I say again that this is playable Tetris, done with LEDs, and with the pumpkin stem as the controller.  Watch the video; it’s totally worth it.  And, for the record, I LOVE THAT PEOPLE WHO MAKE THINGS LIKE THIS EXIST IN OUR WORLD.

Second, an excellent mocking breakdown of why dressing as a race is so offensive, at Native Appropriations:

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Comic Recommendation: The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

The other day, in writing the first entry of Gun Basics for Writers, I linked to Sydney Padau’s amazing comic, “The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.”

And when I went to look up the link I ended up rereading.  The entire.  Comic.

This is my favorite comic ever, and I don’t say that lightly.  So, I am dedicating a post to recommending it.  Cue fanfare:

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, a webcomic (more like a web graphic novel) by Sydney Padua

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