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Someone started a hashtag last week called #coderbooks.  I was late to the party, but once I started doing it I COULDN’T STOP.  Rather than inflict them all on Twitter, I’m collecting my amusements here:

  • The Black Perl Script #coderbooks
  • The Man in the Iron Emacs #coderbooks
  • The Greatest Iteration #coderbooks
  • Henry vi #coderbooks
  • #000000 Beauty #coderbooks
  • Lord of the Files #coderbooks
  • Waiting for Sudo #coderbooks
  • The Secret LIFO of Bees #coderbooks
  • Root #coderbooks
  • Rikki-Tikki-Java #coderbooks
  • The Greps of Wrath #coderbooks
  • The Old Man and the C++ #coderbooks
  • To Kill -9 a Mockingbird #coderbooks

And here are some #codermovies, too!

  • My Big Fat Greek Threading #codermovies
  • Fatal Abstraction #codermovies


Thanks to whoever created the hashtag!

Conversation of the Night: All Hail the Singularity

Friend #1: “You’re so unique you only have one eigenvector.”

Me: “Yes, I’m a very singular person.”

Friend #1: ::Groan::

Me: “Are you groaning because it’s such a bad pun or because it’s technically mathematically incorrect?”

Friend #1: “BOTH!”

Other friend: “Wait, a singular matrix doesn’t have any eigenvectors.”


Other friend: “And isn’t it impossible to have only one?”


And Now for a Nerdy Math Song! You Know You Wanted One!

I was working on some sort of Deep Insightful post today about institutional prejudices and society and the way people respond to shit and . . . well, I just kinda ran out of steam on it.  Sometimes blogging is cathartic, but other times I can only spend so long thinking about a subject that depresses me.

So, in Operation Brighten My Day, instead I’m sharing one of my favorite songs!  Possibly my favorite song ever ever!

“Finite Simple Group of Order Two,” by the Klein Four:

This song always makes me giggle.  So.  Much.