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Sometimes I Like Living in Los Angeles

Today is January 19. Let me repeat that: I live in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s the middle of January.

This is where I spent my morning:

Los Angeles beach

It was 75 degrees Fahrenheit out.  The sky was blue, the sun was warm, and a seal frolicked in the surf and dove spectacularly across the breakers a few times.

It’s January 19.

Yes, you can all hate me now.

And the best part of this?  I can drive a few hours in the other direction and get amazing skiing.

(Of course, then I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half driving home, which was kind of miserable as the temperature had gone up to 80F by then, and I found myself going through one of my East Coastian spurts of frustration with Southern California for failing to have a proper winter.  But the beach?  The beach was fantastic.)

My Visit to a Desert Oasis

So, I was working out in Palm Desert this past week.  Which is (clue’s in the name!) in the middle of the desert.  (Yes, the blog’s been auto-updating, yay WordPress!)

Near the location one day, from the road I happened to see a lush green spread of palm trees.  In the middle of the desert.  I kept staring at it as I drove, curious, and then saw a sign for Coachella Valley Preserve.

Coachella Valley Preserve, original photo. CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0, attribute with link.

Since I’m the curious sort, I turned in.  In the parking lot, aside from the completely incongruous spread of green palm trees a little ways in front of me, I saw a sign for a Visitor’s Center and several trail heads pointing the way to various oases.

“Aha!” I thought in excitement.  “This is an oasis!

Now, I have been a voracious consumer of epic fiction since I was very small.  This has led me to have a romantic attachment to some strange settings, such as pawn shops, taverns, inns, and desert oases.  So when I saw that I was on a Real Live Oasis, I had to take a look!

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