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Holy Mackerel Folks IT’S A COVER! Zero Sum Game HAS A COVER!

I never used to understand why people did cover reveals.  I mean, the book is going to be released anyway, right?  Won’t people see the cover then?

That was before I started working with the most kickass cover designer of all time, Najla Qamber.

That was before she built me a cover I love so much I just want to wrap myself up in it FOREVER and never come out.  I want bedsheets made out of this cover.  More importantly, I want to tell the world about it, because it’s SO RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME that I can’t help shoving it in people’s faces and saying, “LOOK HOW AWESOME THIS IS!  Forget the text of the book, buy it just to get a copy of the cover!”

So! I present to you! The cover of Zero Sum Game, the first book in the Russell’s Attic series:

Zero Sum Game

And if you need a book cover, for Pete’s sake hie thee over to Najla Qamber Designs.  You won’t regret it!

And Now for a Nerdy Math Song! You Know You Wanted One!

I was working on some sort of Deep Insightful post today about institutional prejudices and society and the way people respond to shit and . . . well, I just kinda ran out of steam on it.  Sometimes blogging is cathartic, but other times I can only spend so long thinking about a subject that depresses me.

So, in Operation Brighten My Day, instead I’m sharing one of my favorite songs!  Possibly my favorite song ever ever!

“Finite Simple Group of Order Two,” by the Klein Four:

This song always makes me giggle.  So.  Much.

So. It Turns Out John Barrowman Can Sing. YOU’RE WELCOME.

I’m a musical theatre geek.  When I was a kid, I would fan on Broadway with the same intensity I did on Star Wars.  I had all the soundtracks and had all the songs memorized; I followed all the stars; I obsessed over the Tonys each year (whereas the Oscars and Emmys?  Still not sure what months they happen in.  AND I WORK IN FILM, I AM A FAILURE AS A HUMAN BEING).  I would take the train into New York at least once a month and knew all the tricks for getting cheap rush tickets to shows.  Heaven!

Fast forward to present day; one of my best friends is also a musical theatre geek, and this year I got her into Doctor Who and Torchwood (because I am awesome that way).  We’re sitting reminiscing about the 10th Anniversary Les Mis (LEA SALONGA YOU ARE A GODDESS), and we get to wondering if either of us still has the VHS from when we were kids, and in the process of looking for it she finds her old copy of Hey, Mr. Producer.  Which we both start reminiscing about, because of course we’ve both seen it, and then she’s reading the back and says, “John Barrowman is in this???”

(Cue frantic searching on YouTube, because, dude, we had the thing on VHS; nobody knows how to play those things anymore.  And we would have had to rewind and fast-forward.)

I give you, John Barrowman singing “One, Two, Three” in Hey, Mr. Producer:

And because YouTube is awesome, from the Torchwood DVD extras, we have “Anything Goes:”

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